Why The Brazilian Butt Lift Has Become So Popular

The idea of the perfect female shape has changed over the centuries. While artists of the Baroque period favored a soft, fleshy feminine silhouette, the early 20th-century preference was more waif-like. Today, it’s fashionable to be curvy, and the healthy female body is in style.

Reality stars, music icons, and pop-culture goddesses are everywhere, celebrating the female form in all its curvaceous splendor — more specifically, their well-developed backsides. Alas, not all butts are perfect, and sometimes, no matter how many squats or presses you do, your fitness routine just won’t produce the derriere of your dreams.

While genetics play a role and working out can tone what nature gave you, you can be sure that the majority of those bountiful booties you see gracing your TV screen and the pages of magazines are courtesy of the Brazilian butt lift. This type of buttocks augmentation is growing in popularity, and the results are simply stunning.

How the Brazilian butt lift works

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that uses your body’s own fat cells — removed via liposuction from an area where you tend to have more fat, such as the abdominal area or lower back — to make your buttocks appear more rounded, shapely, and full.

At SoCal Body Sculpt, we remove, purify, and process the fat cells for re-injection, and then micro-inject them into specific areas of your buttocks to create the shape you desire. This process is called fat grafting.

Traditionally, patients opted for implants to create their ideal butt. This type of butt enhancement is significantly more invasive and may not give you the exact results you were hoping for. But the Brazilian butt lift is fully customizable, enabling you to design your new derriere to your own specifications.

By injecting your body’s fat into specific areas of your buttocks, we ensure your new butt will be much more defined and natural in appearance.

In addition to the benefit of being able to customize your butt, the Brazilian butt lift is a much easier procedure than butt implants. The fact that the entire process takes roughly an hour, is minimally invasive, requires far less downtime than implant surgery (24 hours versus a week), and leaves virtually no scars, only adds to the popularity of the Brazilian butt lift.

More reasons for the popularity of this procedure

The Brazilian butt lift isn’t just for giving you a butt like Bey, though. We can use this procedure to balance out the symmetry of your buttocks, improve sagging buttocks caused by age or weight loss, and create a butt that is proportionate to the rest of your body. It’s a natural way to correct, lift, and enhance your best asset.

Caring, compassion, and experience

Given the popularity of this procedure and the stunning results, it only makes sense to trust your designer derriere to an experienced, caring professional. At SoCal Body Sculpt, Dr. Nilesh H. Bhoot has many years of experience in the Brazilian butt lift procedure. At your initial consultation with Dr. Bhoot, you discuss your desired results and what you can expect from your Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Bhoot then determines if you are a good candidate for this type of buttocks augmentation.

For more on how you can get the derriere of your dreams, contact our office. SoCal Body Sculpt is located in Montrose, California, and we serve those in and around the communities of Burbank and Glendale. Don’t spend another day wishing for curves that won’t appear. Schedule that consultation appointment today and find out what we can do to enhance your backside and improve your confidence.

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