NovaThreads: Why it's Hollywood's Latest Secret Weapon

Dermal fillers. Lasers. Surgical facelifts. With so many anti-aging treatments on the market today, it’s hard to know which one to choose. What if we told you there was a different, more convenient way to get amazing results without surgery, without pain, and without downtime?

At SoCal Body Sculpt in Montrose, California, we offer the revolutionary NovaThreads procedure, which delivers all of this along with plumper, smoother, younger-looking skin. And, as a bonus, our cosmetic specialist and surgeon Nilesh H. Bhoot, MD, FACS, offers NovaThreads as a quick in-office treatment.

Often, one of the biggest reasons men and women avoid getting anti-aging procedures is that they don’t want to take the time out of their busy lives for the often long, painful recovery. A NovaThreads lift is a nonsurgical procedure that allows you return to your daily schedule with natural-looking results the very same day.

Read on to find out why NovaThreads, also known as the “lunchtime lift,” is Hollywood’s latest secret weapon against aging, sagging skin.

What’s the skinny on NovaThreads?

The secret to the NovaThread lift is that it’s the only nonsurgical anti-aging procedure that truly lifts your skin like a facelift, only more easily, more naturally, and without painful surgeries that prevent you from leaving the house while you recover. No wonder it has become one of Hollywood’s favorite ways to get younger-looking skin.

A NovaThread lift is a simple, safe procedure

NovaThreads consist of hypodermic needles that are loaded with absorbable sutures made out of polydioxanone, or PDO. Actually, PDO has been around for many years. It’s a synthetic material used in surgical sutures. Surgeons often use it for open-heart surgeries because it’s one of the safest materials to implant in your body.

After a NovaThread lift, your body fully absorbs and eliminates the PDO threads in four to six months without scarring. In the meantime, the NovaThreads initiate your body’s healing process, which includes generating new collagen. So, as your body absorbs the threads, your skin also repairs itself with new collagen. The result? You get younger, firmer skin from the inside out.

Uplifting results without surgery

Under a local anesthetic, Dr. Bhoot injects NovaThreads under the surface of your skin using only a needle, so there are no cuts or invasive incisions. The needle comes out, and the threads stay in place to instantly lift and tighten sagging skin. They are an excellent solution for sagging jowls, a double chin, and lines around your nose and mouth.

Depending on which area of your face you want to tighten, Dr. Bhoots injects the threads to form a support net, or tiny “scaffold” beneath your skin. This internal support network helps restore the natural V-shape of your younger, pre-aging facial features. Results can last from eight months to two years, with an average of about 10 months.

Not just another pretty face

Since NovaThreads are safe, easily injected, and produce such great results, you can get them virtually anywhere you want tighter skin. In addition to your face and neck, NovaThreads tighten skin around your:

Ready to learn more about the many benefits of NovaThreads? Get in on the secret today. Call or schedule a consultation at our Montrose, California, location using our online booking system. We can answer your questions and advise you on the best way for you to regain a more youthful appearance from the inside out.

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