How Vaginal Rejuvenation with UltraFemme 360 Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Do you feel anxiety instead of enthusiasm when you think about sex? Does sex feel more painful than usual, or you are embarrassed about physical changes to your vagina’s appearance?

Don’t settle for an unsatisfying sex life. State-of-the art technologies now address women’s sexual health and pleasure. Ultra Femme 360™ is one of these advanced technologies, and it provides nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation.

At SoCal Body Sculpt in Montrose, California, Nilesh H. Bhoot, MD, offers the Ultra Femme 360. This advanced system, which uses radiofrequency technology, can tighten your vagina, improve sensations, increase lubrication, and more.

Causes of changes to your sex life

Aging, menopause, and childbirth can all affect the function and appearance of your vagina. After pregnancy and childbirth, many women report concerns, such as sagging and loss of elasticity. These can make you lose confidence in the appearance of your vagina, and can interfere with the pleasurable friction you’re used to feeling during sex.

Many postmenopausal women experience symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy is caused by the body no longer producing as much of the hormone estrogen. Symptoms of vaginal atrophy include reduced vaginal lubrication, pain with intercourse, and decreased sexual satisfaction.

How Ultra Femme 360 works

Ultra Femme 360 is a nonsurgical, safe, and painless procedure that has no downtime. It uses radiofrequency technology to help your body naturally produce more collagen and elastin in your vagina, labia, or both. The process tightens and thickens your area of concern, providing rejuvenating effects that will improve your sex life.

First, Dr. Bhoot inserts the internal applicator into your vagina. The device emits radiofrequency waves to all surfaces of your vaginal canal at once. It uses the optimal amount of energy to heat your cells and promote collagen production while maintaining your comfort.

If you want to improve toning in your labia, Dr. Bhoot first applies a gel to the skin of your labial area. He then applies the Ultra Femme 360 handpiece, and the emitted radiofrequency waves go to work stimulating new collagen while toning your labia.

The effective and safe procedure lasts 8-12 minutes for each area you want to treat. For the best results, Dr. Bhoot recommends three sessions spaced one week apart.

Recovery and results

Because Ultra Femme 360 treatments are nonsurgical and painless, recovery is almost immediate. You may experience some mild redness and swelling, but you can go about your day as usual as soon as the procedure is over.

Women report increased sexual satisfaction after their Ultra Femme 360 procedures. You may notice some improvements immediately, but the full and impressive benefits will be most noticeable after 12 weeks. The results include:

This tightening and toning can make your orgasms easier to reach. You’ll also feel more confident in the appearance of your vaginal area, so you can enter the bedroom with enthusiasm again.

If you’re ready to improve your sex life, book an appointment online or over the phone with SoCal Body Sculpt to learn more about your vaginal rejuvenation options, including Ultra Femme 360.

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