Have You Heard About NovaThreads? Here is What You Need to Know

We watch as our favorite celebrities don’t appear to age, or instead they turn back time’s effect on their face. Others, however, don’t look so natural, with a face that appears too tightly stretched or sports a permanently surprised expression. There are a few hallmarks of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, many other options await anyone who wants to take charge of their skin. Botox®, fillers, laser treatments and even radio waves offer people the ability to hold back the hands of time. One of the latest trends in skin rejuvenation is NovaThreads.

The origin of wrinkles

Wrinkles form for a variety of reasons, but most fall into two categories: a loss of collagen and the effects of gravity. Beneath your skin is a thin layer of collagen cells, which keeps your skin strong, supple, and plump. As you age, these cells begin to break down and you lose support to the skin above.

Gravity plays its part when it pulls the unsupported skin down your face, deepening jowl lines and crow’s feet.

How NovaThreads are made

NovaThreads are a surgical-grade suture material that dissolves naturally over time. Unlike other thread lifts that use permanent sutures, NovaThreads bring less of a chance of infection over time because your body isn’t constantly fighting a foreign object under the skin.

Instead, NovaThreads are made of the same material used by heart surgeons for its strength and absorbency.  

How NovaThreads work

Unlike traditional face-lifts, NovaThreads require only a tiny needle puncture, instead of a long, deep incision. Dr. Bhoot simply injects the NovaThread under the skin where you wish to get more support. The tiny thread causes the subdermal layer to become inflamed and swell just a little bit.

As the area heals, the cells strengthen and get firmer and plumper, giving the treated area a more youthful appearance. As the dermal layer absorbs the threads, it leaves the firmed up tissue behind, keeping your new look longer than traditional fillers and plumpers.

What to expect during the treatment

During the treatment, Dr. Bhoot injects the area with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Then he injects the threads. Depending on the area, the treatment may range from a few to many threads injected. For example, if you want to plump the lines around your mouth, you may need only one or two threads along the lines. However, if you want to create support under your chin, Dr. Bhoot may need to create a NovaThread mesh with threads injected both vertically and horizontally to create a web effect. As the area heals, it forms a stronger net of new tissue to support the larger area.

What to expect after treatment

As the local anesthetic wears off, you may experience a little discomfort at the injection sites. Occasionally, there will be some bruising or swelling around the area, but it passes quickly as the body heals. Within two or three days, you’ll begin to see firmer skin in the area.

How to discover if NovaThreads are right for you

Some people respond better to fillers or even their own fat injected under their skin. Others will get their best results from platelet injections or NovaThreads. Are you in either category?

To help you make your best decision, Dr. Bhoot has intimate knowledge of all of these procedures and more. Make an appointment with him and let him know what you want to see in the mirror. He can help you figure out whether NovaThreads should be in the picture.

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