Enjoying Intimacy Once Again with Vaginal Rejuvenation

As women are more openly and actively taking back their bodies, and reclaiming more youthful appearances from head to toe, it only makes sense that vaginal rejuvenation is becoming an increasingly popular aesthetic procedure. And, it’s not just about aesthetics. Vaginal rejuvenation helps to restore function as well. At SoCal Body Sculpt in Montrose, California, expert cosmetic surgeon Nilesh H. Bhoot, MD, FACS offers nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation to help women reclaim their younger bodies and enjoy intimacy once again.

Giving birth leads to vaginal changes

So you can best understand how vaginal rejuvenation works and the feminine health issues it can help correct, it’s a good idea to note what happens to your body during childbirth. As a woman who has given birth, you know that your vagina is changed forever, especially if you’ve delivered more than one baby.

During the miracle of birth, your vagina can stretch up to 10 centimeters (just like your cervix), to accommodate your precious baby’s entrance into the world. In most cases, your vagina slowly returns to its pre-existing state, but not completely. You can do as many Kegel exercises as you can handle, and while that certainly helps, it may never fully restore your pre-baby anatomy.

Menopause brings its own issues

Even if you’ve never given birth vaginally, menopause often leads to major changes when it comes to intimacy. Vaginal dryness is one of the most common “side effects” of menopause that leads to decreased pleasure and even pain during intercourse.

Additionally, as you age, your body produces less elastin and collagen, which both help keep your skin (including inner and outer vaginal tissue) firm and toned. As a result, vaginal laxity (looseness) is common.

Then there’s urinary incontinence

Many women struggle with the embarrassing issue of urinary incontinence following childbirth and during and after menopause. During menopause, your body goes through hormonal changes (much like pregnancy), only during this change, you produce less estrogen and progesterone. This can lead to urinary incontinence, and can negatively affect the quality of your life, including intimacy.

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation restores intimacy

At SoCal Body Sculpt, we realize how important the appearance and function of your vagina is to enhance intimacy between you and your partner. Our compassionate and highly skilled team, led by Dr. Bhoot, wants to help you reclaim your body, and the physical and emotional effects that come with it, through simple, painless vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Dr. Bhoot offers nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with Ultra Femme 360™ to physically restore your body so you can enjoy intimacy again. Since Ultra Femme 360 is the fastest radiofrequency treatment available today, it’s the most convenient way to revitalize loose vaginal skin. It also alleviates vaginal dryness and can lessen stress incontinence.

This innovative procedure is safe and effective, with no downtime, so you can get back to your busy life. Typically, with a series of three treatments that take just 8-12 minutes each, you notice tighter vaginal tissue, both inner and outer, plus it improves vaginal dryness, to make intimacy more pleasurable instead of painful.

Ultra Femme 360 uses lower temperatures than ablative lasers, so there’s minimal risk of infection. It’s an effective treatment with numerous benefits, including:

Most women notice an improvement after their first Ultra Femme 360 treatment and then continued improvement after additional sessions. Dr. Bhoot customizes a plan that can help you achieve optimal results.

When intimate moments are no longer pleasurable as a result of childbirth or menopause, it’s time to take back your body. Call the office or schedule a vaginal rejuvenation consultation using the online system. It’s the first step toward happier, healthier intimacy.

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