Banish Cellulite by Bikini Season

If you’re feeling frustrated or even self-blaming because you haven’t been able to get rid of the lumpy cellulite on your legs, hips, and buttocks, you can stop right now. Cellulite isn’t caused by fat at all. Cellulite is a condition of the skin that’s caused by fibrous bands of tissue that pull your skin and muscle layer closer together, creating waves and tufts in your fat that collect debris and fluid.

Sometimes, losing weight can make cellulite look even more obvious. So how do you get the smooth and sleek thighs of your dreams? Dr. Nilesh Bhoot, a board-certified, minimally invasive surgeon and aesthetics expert at SoCal Body Sculpt, can give you a relaxing, high-powered soundwave massage with BTL Cellutone to break up cellulite tufts, restore circulation, and remove accumulated debris.

Turn lunchtime into you-time

Treatment with Cellutone is relaxing and fast. You don’t need any kind of anesthetic or painkiller because the pain-free treatment feels like a vigorous and stimulating massage. Dr. Bhoot simply passes the Cellutone device over the areas you want to be treated, delivering targeted, high-powered mechanical vibrations exactly where they’re needed.

The intense, far-reaching vibrations promote microcirculation of blood and oxygen to the areas of your body that have cellulite. By breaking up fibrous tissue and removing accumulated debris and fluid, Cellutone actually improves your circulation and the health of your skin.

Anyone can be Cellutoned

Because Cellutone is completely noninvasive, men, women, and even teens — with parents’ permission under age 18 — can all benefit. No heat or cold is involved, so any skin type or shade can receive Cellutone without the risk of hyper- or hypopigmentation.

You don’t even need to be at a particular body mass index (BMI). If you’ve got cellulite, you can be Cellutoned at SoCal Body Sculpt to become cellulite-free.

Because Cellutone is completely noninvasive, there’s almost no risk for side effects. The Cellutone system meets strict safety standards to ensure your health and comfort.

No pain, all gain

You won’t have any downtime after your procedure. You can waltz back into work, head to the gym, or do any of your regularly scheduled activities.

You don’t need to follow a special diet or exercise regimen to benefit from Cellutone or to maintain your results. The improved skin tone and circulation are yours to keep, no matter how much weight you gain or lose.

Improvements can be immediate

Most of Dr. Bhoot’s patients see an improvement in cellulite after just one treatment. You may need up to six sessions of Cellutone to get the smooth, dimple-free look you desire.  

During your Cellutone consultation, Dr. Bhoot designs an individualized treatment plan based on the amount of cellulite you have and how many areas you want treated. To get a bikini body by summer, it’s best to start Cellutone in the spring whenever possible.

Your results are long-lasting, too. As with most aesthetic procedures, Dr. Bhoot recommends touch-ups every year or so to maintain your benefits.

Combine with SmartLipo® for ultimate reshaping

If you’re around your ideal weight but have some resistant excess fat on your abdomen, hips, thighs, chest, or arms, Dr. Bhoot also offers SmartLipo minimally invasive, laser-assisted tumescent liposuction to remove it permanently. SmartLipo has minimal scarring and less downtime than traditional liposuction. It also stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin to smooth and tighten your skin.

Adding a Cellutone massage after your SmartLipo treatment makes your results spectacular. The Cellutone massage helps your body eliminate dead fat-cell debris faster, promotes the circulation of healing oxygen and blood to the treatment area, and removes interstitial fluids to create a more uniform skin surface. Your new shape is enhanced by a smooth and silky skin texture.

Your treatment, your choice

Whether you just want to get rid of cellulite with Cellutone or sculpt away those last bits of resistant fat with SmartLipo, too, Dr. Bhoot can help you achieve the bikini body of your dreams. He uses his expertise as a surgeon and aesthetician to individualize a treatment plan that meets your desires, time, and budget.

To schedule a cellulite or body-contouring consultation with Dr. Bhoot, you can use the handy online form or call his friendly staff in Montrose, California.

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