4 Amazing Benefits of Smartlipo

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there's been an increase in cosmetic procedures and a shift in the kinds of procedures patients have selected since the start of the new millennium.

In particular, liposuction was one of the most popular cosmetic choices in 2015 with 222,051 procedures. If you have additional fat deposits that you can't eliminate with exercise and diet, you might be considering a plastic surgeon to help you get the body you desire.

Do you know that Dr. Nilesh Bhoot provides a minimally invasive option by using Smartlipo? He has over 28 years experience 28 years of surgical experience, so you can be certain you're in capable hands. Here's why you should consider Smartlipo.

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What is Smartlipo?

This revolutionary form of liposuction has proven efficient in contouring the body and dissolving fat with minimal scarring and complications. As the name implies, the technique is more reasonable than the traditional technique of liposuction.

The procedure is almost seamless and doesn't require stitches, so you won’t get unwanted scars. Furthermore, the procedure can take place under local anesthesia, which implies less risk to the patient. Smartlipo can treat virtually any part of your body, which is very advantageous because most areas that have considerable fat are difficult to reach.

Nevertheless, it's ideal for treating the thighs, abdomen, face, chin, and neck. Smartlipo targets particular areas of your body with laser energy, which breaks down the surplus fat cells for the body to remove naturally.

The benefits of Smartlipo

There’s no shortage of reasons to consider Smartlipo, such as how it’s done, its shorter recovery time, and the results you can expect.

Elimination of Fat

All cells in the body have specific functions that are vital to your overall health and well-being. Fat cells store any unused energy from the food you eat. Your body uses fat for shock absorption, insulation, and an emergency fuel source.

While your body needs some fat, you can get rid of extra cells without affecting your overall health. Smartlipo is an effective technology that eliminates fat that has accumulated disproportionately in various areas of your body.

Minimally invasive

The procedure is minimally invasive, unlike conventional liposuction. The conventional procedure entails huge tubes that suck out and eliminate fat from different areas of your body. The tubes reach throughout the areas with fat and around the body; this could cause more bruising and pain. On the other hand, Smartlipo needs only a small incision to reach the fat. The laser sucks out and liquefies the fat cells while encouraging coagulation to regulate bleeding.

Fast recovery and treatment

The minimally invasive nature of this technique starts you on a faster recovery. As a result, you can return to your normal routine within a matter of days, or even hours. After the procedure, slight soreness might arise, but this normal. Nevertheless, it's imperative to follow your doctor's instructions concerning healing if you want optimal results.

Sculpted appearance

After conventional liposuction, people frequently have sagging skin where the fat used to be. At So Cal Body Sculpt, Dr. Bhoot will leave you with tighter skin and more sculpted treatment areas.

The laser helps encourage tissue coagulation and collagen production, both of which can lead to a sculpted and tighter appearance. Coagulation prevents excess bleeding and your skin from sagging and dimpling.

When you sit down with Dr. Bhoot, you'll learn more about this procedure and whether you're a good candidate for it. If you're contemplating Smartlipo to deal with stubborn fat, contact So Cal Body Sculpt and schedule an appointment.

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